2004 Transat

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Joe sent these logs during the 3,000 mile Transat 2004 race from Plymouth, England, to Boston, while on board Gryphon Solo as the Wells Fargo - American Pioneer Open 50 class monohull.

And down the stretch
June 15, 2004
We are finally rounding the clubhouse turn and headed for the finish桞anging away on a 25 knot beam reach on another cold, gray rainy day in the North Atlantic...

Back in Second
June 14, 2004
And the beat goes on...Day 13 of this solo odyssey is about to pass and it has been a beautiful sailing day with light breezes of 6 to 10 knots from the NNW...

The light-air fade
June 12, 2004
Well, I thought all those prayers out there were going to bring me through this, but no such luck. Becalmed again...

Rolling dice to the south
June 10, 2004
When the boat is going fast, all is right with the world. When the boat is not moving, I descend into the depths of despair...

Colder, Faster, and Vying for the Lead
June 9, 2004
The last 48 hours aboard Wells Fargo-American Pioneer have been action-packed...

Thank Bobblehead Jesus for Autopilot
June 7, 2004
A busy day out here as we finally rounded the top of this big low pressure system that has caused us to pound dead to windward for days on end and very far north...

Ooops. Wrong button.
June 5, 2004
When you combine winds of 20 to 30 knots, big lumpy seas and a course dead to windward, it makes for an ugly evening in the frigid North Atlantic...

Random musings from the North Atlantic
June 4, 2004
Cranking along out here on day five with a 23-knot wind on the beam, which is being caused by an approaching low-pressure system...

Into the Calm
June 2, 2004
Another busy day at the office out here! Conditions have been changing rapidly and it has kept me on my toes...

The Start in Plymouth
May 31, 2004
After weeks of preparation amidst beautiful (uncharacteristic) weather in Plymouth, the day of the start dawned rainy and cold...

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