2004 Transat

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The light-air fade
June 12, 2004

Well, I thought all those prayers out there were going to bring me through this, but no such luck. Becalmed again. This is not going to go down in history as one of my favorite days. I see this race slowly slipping from my grasp. I have not yet had the courage to pull up the position reports, as I fear what they are going to say. And I thought I had a reprieve with my private little breeze this afternoon. This truly sucks.

I guess this would be the appropriate time to put my race into perspective and declare that this is, after all, only a sailboat race. The final result will not change the path of world history, but that would require a level of maturity I have not yet attained. I do feel incredibly lucky to be out here and able to compete in this very cool boat. I just wanted the story to end with my very gracious and humble victory acceptance speech (which I have a draft of if anyone is interested), rather than coming in a week or so after the fleet when everyone else has gone home.

Keep the lights on for me, okay?

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