Skipper's Logs Archive: 2013 Atlantic Cup


Long Cold Night
May 14, 2013

The 2013 Atlantic Cup
May 14, 2013

Hello all-

Greetings from the shivering occupants of GS2.  We are just passing the mouth of Delaware Bay and pointed towards the New Jersey shore and then the bright lights of NYC.  We have been hard on the wind since yesterday afternoon when an anticipated wind shift into the NW occurred and allowed us to tack onto port and head in the right direction after spending all of Monday getting past Cape Hatteras and over  to the Virginia shore.  We tried to set ourselves up well for this wind shift by getting west and did succeed, but it appears that most of our competitors had the same idea and remain a bit ahead of us as we slog northward.  We lost some miles during that nasty squall on the first night and in this very competitive fleet there is no easy way to earn them back.  So we have to persevere and sail hard and see how things turn out. 

The boat is hanging tough in the pounding but we do have a few leaks that will need to be addressed.  The sun did come up this morning and everything seems brighter when that happens.  So we will pound our way past Atlantic City and "The Donald's" casinos on up to a finish in Manhattan's Lower West Side on the Hudson river, hopefully sometime tonight.

Some late night writing can be found below.

Happy day to all

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Bangin hard to windward.

Sleepy.  Cold.  Running the engine to charge and warm up.  Cocoa. Check ballast.  Check sails. Lie down in the cockpit and look at the stars.  Think crazy thoughts   And Let them pass. 

Riding the rocket   A class 40 going to windward at night in 18 knots.  Foam flying. Not smashing and crashing through the waves.  Controlled chaos.  Harnessing the powers of the beast.  amazing the boat doesn't tip over. 

Haiku. Tired. Warm engine box.  Check the chat.  Check the instruments.  Going 8only 7 knots.  What is wrong?  Trim. Adjust auto pilot to steer to larger wind angle.  Check alternator charge -13.8 volts -   129 amps when charge started-  now down to 59 after a half hour.  Check.  Back out on deck.  Going too slow.  

For more updates on the Atlantic Cup visit And you can find an in-depth look at Joe's expectations for the race at Best of luck to all racers!

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