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Skipper's Logs Archive: Normandy Channel Race 2011


Now pounding down the coast into SW breeze and big seas right on the kisser.
May 23, 2011

All good here. Except very lumpy going dead to windward. Not a good first leg for us as we had the wrong sail combo and the boat was going slow vs competition. We should have made changes earlier but we were dealing with a number of issues like leaks etc. The fleet left us in the dust pretty quickly! However once we turned the corner at Isla Marcouf we had a fast passage across the English Channel flying a gennaker. Hit 15 knots on a beam reach with 18 to 20k of wind. Cool passage through the solent around Isle of Wight- almost 3 knots of current with us- out into the channel past the needles (icon of british sailing). Now pounding down the coast into sw breeze and big seas right on the kisser. A frontal passage and winds up to 30k are forecastes so we are eating some hot food and trying to rest a bit as very little sleep so far. Hope I have the Blackberry coverage for future messages as typing at the keyboard is impossible!

Cheers, Joe

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