2007 Marblehead to Halifax

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Getting Around Brazil Rock
July 10, 2007

Some years it can be tough to get around Cape Sable in this race. This is one of those years. As we approached along the rhumb line, the wind was forecast to clock into the south, which would allow us to be lifted around Cape Sable on starboard tack. The wind stayed out of the southeast and we were forced to tack to the south for about 30 miles so we could safely get around Brazil Rock. We had definitely wanted to avoid this tack as it sent us in the wrong direction, but with a 26í foot tide thundering at us, we had no choice but to get offshore before turning left to Halifax. As luck would have it, the wind crapped out just as we approached Brazil Rock, and we had to roll out the Code Zero to keep the boat going in darkness and fog. When the other watch called us at 6:00AM to join in the fun, we refused to leave the warmth of the cabin and our sleeping bags. Eventually we rolled out, but it was painful.

We now have the boat going at 7.5 knots towards Halifax and we put that other watch to bed so they wouldnít cause any more trouble. We now have about 110 miles to go to the finish, which at this rate will get us over the line some time tonight, but I am counting no chickens. Rob Gale, our crew member from Halifax, has promised us a kingís welcome, including some cold Labattís eh? We told him to take off eh?, but he says he will deliver. Iím hoping some of the big dogs hit this soft stuff but I heard there was a pack of them about 12 miles in front of us so they may have snuck around the corner without the same difficulty as we encountered. All we can do is keep trying our best.

More exciting news from Novieland - including fog, farming and fishing reports- later.

The weary crew of Gryphon Solo

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