Skipper's Logs Archive: Bermuda 1-2 2007


Gulf Stream Approach
June 10, 2007

Good morning friends,

The dawn of day 2 at sea reveals Gryphon Solo flying along at between 11 and 16 knots downwind with Code 5 kite up in 20k of breeze. Awesome. Last night I got a good work-out when the wind came up and I had to get the Code 5 down in the pitch black. You really need three hands to do this job properly so when you do it with only two, you have to do things sequentially and carefully. I managed to execute well for a change- probably complete terror being a good motivator- and got the sail down and safely below deck. I retired below for a delicious dinner of Top Raman noodles and a peanut butter sandwich. Remember those Raman noodles from your college days? They are right up there with Mac and Cheese for high quality chow. I washed that down with my traditional midnight Irish coffee, followed by a good crap in the bucket and all was right with the world.

First light brought the wind backing further into the north so I had to get the kite back up again. Not much sleep last night- only a few of my 20 minute naps, so there will need to be a catch-up at some point today. Fried eggs for breakfast followed by... just kidding. Looking forward to entering the Gulf stream in about four hours and getting a good 70 mile ride. If this wind keeps up and we get 4 knots of push from the stream, I should see 20 knots of speed over the ground.

I am strategizing my exit from the stream and approach to Bermuda and trying to set up to the East of rhumb line so I will have a good angle in in light westerly winds. I hope everyone enjoys a spiritual Sunday... I know I am in touch with a larger force out here.

All Best,

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