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The Quest to Sail Around the World Solo on a 40ft Monohull

Skipper's Logs Archive: Transat Jacques Vabre 2005


Miss & Not Miss
November 23, 2005

Things I will miss and not miss when we are done and dusted with the TJV.
- Josh

Miss: sailing fast under a tropical moon
Not miss : sailing fast under a tropical rain cloud

Miss : seeing a gain in the position reports
Not miss : seeing a loss

Miss : seeing a sail repair work
Not miss : seeing the need for a sail repair

Miss : waking Joe up to go on watch my turn in the bunk
Not miss : waking Joe up to go on watch he's so cute asleep!

Miss : the simplicity of dehydrated food
Not miss : the simplicity of dehydrated food

Miss : managing the boat and its systems
Not miss : having the generator started 2 feet away mid-sleep

Miss : the competitive edge of life in a race
Not miss : worrying about losing

Miss : life out in the elements
Not miss : the elements hitting me square in the face

Miss : not having to wash and shave every day
Not miss : crapping in a bucket at a 30 degree heel angle

Miss : seeing our preparation work well
Not miss : seeing we f'd something up

Miss : Joe's company he is great to be offshore with
Not miss : my own company

Miss : having a bit of time for social calls and emails
Not miss : my cell phone not ringing

Miss : being un-contactable by my bank
Not miss : lying to them that I am un-contactable

Miss : a splash of Jamesons in the midnight coffee
Not Miss : the meager wine cellar on board one bottle, long gone

Miss : reading FHM out in the cockpit in the sun
Not miss : re-reading it for the 100th time

Miss : hand-steering a refined racing machine
Not miss : tendonitis in my wrists (from hand-steering honest!)

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