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The Quest to Sail Around the World Solo on a 40ft Monohull

Skipper's Logs Archive: Marblehead to Halifax 2005


The Dual Continues, Day 2 of the Marblehead to Halifax
July 12, 2005

Greetings from Offshore,

Only thirty miles to the turning mark, and the wicked dual with Artforms continues! Since the beginning of the race, we have exchanged places seven times and as recently as last night. With just a mile or two of separation most of the race, we have been glued together unlike the rest of the IRC-1 fleet, making for an exciting and challenging race.

Taking the path less traveled, we and Artforms took a more daring western line that forced us to skirt quite close to Brazil Rock, off of Cape Sable. With only 5/8ths of a mile separating us from Artforms now, we hope for the wind to pick up some giving Gryphon Solo the chance to nudge ahead. An 18 knot breeze is pushing us along, but the seas are picking up so we need more air to exchange places with Artforms one last time. After the turning mark, it is a quick seven mile run to the finish, so we expect to be finishing early this afternoon.

Look for a more complete log and race-wrap up soon! Brian and I will continue to focus on sailing fast and finding that something extra that will make for a good finish.


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