Joe Harris completed his solo circumnavigation at 08:27:48 EDT, Thursday May 5, 2016 off of Castle Hill in Newport, RI. Total time at sea excluding 2 stops for repairs: 152 days, 2 hours, 9 minutes, and 24 seconds. View exciting photos of his arrival on Flickr and read the latest updates on Facebook >.

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The Quest to Sail Around the World Solo on a 40ft Monohull

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No Wind - Return from Bermuda
June 24, 2012

No Wind - Return from Bermuda
June 24, 2012

Hello friends-

We are reporting to you live from Mid-Atlantic again, as the delivery of GS2 from Bermuda to Newport is underway and unfortunately the wind gods are not shining upon us at the moment.  We are motor sailing at about 5 knots boatspeed towards a gulf stream entry point, with wind of barely 5 knots.  The forecast is for closer to 10 knots of wind, so we are anxiously awaiting it arrival, so we can turn the engine off and conserve fuel.  We only have about 30 gallons of diesel, which will allow for about 60 hours of motoring at moderate speed, so we definitely need some wind to help us along.

Life on board is good - my friend Scott Finlay has joined me for the trip and as he is fairly new to the world of offshore sailing we are taking each maneuver slowly to be sure to get it right.  We have plenty of food and water, so no worries there, and a cheesy detective novel  to while away the hours until the wind arrives.  There are a few boats around us and most are motoring at a faster rate than we are, since we are in fuel conservation mode. 

Hope everyone is enjoying a nice Sunday - will report again soon - hopefully with news of wind!



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