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8th Edition of "Ask Joe"
April 28, 2016

8th Edition of "Ask Joe" 

Joe answers questions in this eighth edition of "ASK JOE" from Mr. Harlan’s 6th grade class at the Landmark School:

Lily: When you get hot, can you swim in the ocean to cool down?

Joe: I could swim in the ocean, but I generally don't, as it is a little bit difficult to get on and off the boat unless I remove the lifelines in the stern. Plus, the boat would have to be not moving at all- which is rare. More often I take a "bucket shower"- where I fill up buckets of sea water and pour them over my head and body. When I am done I rinse off with a little fresh water and feel great!

Lily: How many books and movies have you read and watched throughout your voyage? Joe: I don't know exactly- but I would say at least 30- 40 books and 60 or so movies.

Cate: What was your motive to sail the world in this way? Joe: My motive was really just to see if I could do it- to challenge myself.

Cate: Are you always "connected" and able to communicate when at sea or have there been times when you've been "off the grid" and really alone? Joe: I am almost always able to communicate by email via satellite- but the phone is a bit more iffy. I have had a few times when the system was "down" but it did not last long. Unfortunately, the phone connections are not that great- either you can't hear the other person very well, or the call gets dropped repeatedly-- but it’s better than nothing.

Noah: Have you thought about keeping a pet on board your boat during your trip?

Joe: A pet would be difficult because you have to feed them and take care of them and they poop! But if I were to have a pet on board, it would probably be a cat. 

Chris: Have you ever gotten sick during your trip?

Joe: I got sick on the first leg to Cape Town with a kidney stone- which is very painful- but luckily it passed and I was ok. Other than that, I have been very healthy and have been lucky to avoid injury.

Chris: When you return, will you coach our lacrosse team again? Joe: Absolutely- can't wait to kick your butt, Chris!

Sam: How do you feel about coming home after being away for so long?

Joe: I can't wait to get home- I really miss my family and friends and it is lacrosse season! 

Mr. Harlan: Have there been any interesting or unusual noises at sea that you've encountered?

Joe: Well...the boat makes lots of unusual noises- squeaks and groans... and sometimes it sounds like music or voices- and I am very tuned in to both the sounds and the motion of the boat as it goes through the water... I sleep lightly and any change will wake me up quickly... but I have never heard anything that was really strange or spooky. 

Mr. Harlan: I'm wondering who comprises your GS2 team who have been supporting you throughout this adventure?

Joe: My main team is really just Blake Jackson at Headway ( - who does the GS2 web site and communications- and Rob Windsor- who helps me keep the boat fixed up and in good shape. And of course all of the wonderful folks like you guys who are watching and supporting the effort and riding the GS2 Karma Bus!

Mr. Harlan: As you near the completion of your trip, what are you proudest of? Joe: I am really just proud that I did it. Many people talk about it- very few people do it. This is my Mount Everest- my dream of 30 years- and it feels really good to have done it (almost)  

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