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Update from Uruguay #2
March 29, 2016

Update from Uruguay #2

Hello Friends-
GS2 went back in the water this morning here in Piriapolis, Uruguay after repairs to the damaged starboard bow area were completed yesterday. Our two Argentine boatbuilders- Ezequiel Sirito and Diego Stocik- did an outstanding job (see photos below or on Facebook) and were very quick and efficient. I thank my lucky stars we found them and they were able to come to Uruguay on short notice and over the Easter week-end and get the job completed so quickly and professionally. The bow area of the boat is now far stronger than originally, which will give me great confidence as I head back out into likely Northerly- upwind sailing conditions.
So Rob and I are banging away on the work list- gluing the watermaker back down at the moment- solent jib on tomorrow morning in hopefully light winds- mast inspection- new Windex- new staysail halyard- winch and engine service- diesel fuel- rudder and auto pilot adjustments- sea trials- groceries- bon voyage!
I am missing everyone and everything at home- family and friends… spring... lacrosse season... but I look forward to completing this last chapter of the global odyssey in good style. While two stops are more than zero stops- if I can finish this solo circumnavigation safely- I will be a very happy guy.
So keep those messages of encouragement coming to the Kharma Bus and the Bus will keep rolling northward and "tie the knot" of crossing our outbound path fairly soon (near Sao Paulo, Brazil)- and then around the "Bulge of Brazil" at Recife- which proved so challenging on the way down- past the Caribbean and Bermuda- and on to Newport. Due to the stops, the record of 137 days is not possible, so we will be taking down the record attempt clock on the web site and once around the Bulge will be replacing it with a "Distance to Finish" and "Estimated Time to Finish" - which may be rough estimates, but maybe we can get some speculation going on the GS2 date of arrival in Newport?!
Repaired hull:
Some winch work:

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