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Kharma Bus
November 26, 2015

Kharma Bus

Hello Friends-

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope you are all enjoying the day and feeling the gratitude for all that we have. I am certainly feeling it out here.

There have been so many messages of good wishes coming in- it warms my heart- and reminds me that the old sayings "what goes around comes around" or even better, "do unto others as you wish they would do unto you" are really the philosophy of kharma. One good turn deserves another- positive energy is returned with positive energy- you be the initiator and then it all rolls downhill. It rolls even better if you get on the Kharma Bus.

It could all start like a scene from Wayne's World:

Wayne: Hey man- thats a pretty nice micro-bus you got there.

Garth: Thanks man- i call it my "Kharma Bus".

Wayne: Whoa- what the heck does that mean?

Garth: It means that if you do nice things to people that they do nice things back to you.

Wayne: Whoa- thats pretty cool. where are you headed in your bus?

Garth: Well, I was gonna play some street hockey and then go to a Dead concert tonight- wanna come?

Wayne: Totally! Let's get on the Kharma Bus dude!

and there you have it. Commit a random act of kindness. Could be the model for Isreali's to talk to Palestinians- Chinese to Tibetans- Republicans to Democrats!

So I'm gonna give GS2 the nickname "Kharma Bus" and let the positive energy flow. It is just radiating outta this little boat. Let it flow peeps. Get on the Bus. Thanks to all on Thanksgiving.



PS- To my new BFF- German competitor Heinrich Masekowitz- I wish you all the best for a safe passage and wonderful second place finish- even though you somehow seem to be ahead of me right now. Oh yeah- two day head start.

PSS- I just went on deck and saw a rainbow- if that ain't a sign- I dont know what is.

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