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Skipper's Logs Archive: 2015 Marblehead to Halifax


Halifax Race Update
July 6, 2015

Halifax Race Update
July 6, 2015

Hello Friends-

It is a beautiful sunny day out here in the Gulf of Maine, with lots of whales and marine life-   but not much wind. We began with some nice breeze from the southwest and just saw it become very fickle and light- with great patches of no wind at all. We sat for most of the middle of the day with no wind- just trying to keep the boat going and stay out of the sun. Many sail changes made for a good work-out, but not a lot to show for it. We have been quite close to a boat called Sarah (X-41) most of the day which has allowed us to remain sharp as we traded the lead back and forth and worked to get ahead.

We are now approaching Cape Sable, with its famous fog and huge 25' tides in the Bay of Fundy. We have about 85 miles to go to the turning mark but are only making 5 or 6 knots so that puts us around noon tomorrow rounding the Cape and hangin' a left for Halifax- about another 100 miles. So we are looking at a likely Wednesday arrival in Halifax, if what little breeze we have decides to stick around. Truly at the mercy of the wind gods.

So I hope you are able to enjoy the sunset somewhere- we will have a lovely freeze-dried dinner tonight and toast with a Gatorade.

Break- more to follow-


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