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Phase II - GryphonSolo2 (2011-Present)

Joe sailed a number of different Class 40's before settling on the Akilaria RC2 designed by Mark Lombard. However, he had no idea when he signed the purchase contract in September 2010, with a financial incentive to commission the boat near the builder's factory in Tunisia, that the country would soon lead the Arab world into violent revolution and overthrow of the long-standing dictatorship. However, despite some nervous moments, the builder did a fantastic job of working through the turmoil and the boat was recently shipped to LaTrinite, France, for commissioning, only a few weeks beyond its originally scheduled delivery date.

Phase I - Gryphon Solo (2004-2008)

Dubbed the world's fastest 50-footer, Gryphon Solo recently won Class II of the recent Around Alone Race by an unprecedented 21-day margin. The boat, then named "Tommy Hilfiger Freedom America," also holds the 24-hour speed record for a 50' yacht, having covered an astounding 345 miles in 24 hours. Designed by Group Finot and built without compromise by JMV Industries in France, Gryphon Solo is a thoroughbred racing machine. The boat is capable of speeds in excess of 20 knots while remaining stable and under control.

Gryphon Solo is built from carbon fiber and uses a hydraulically operated canting keel for added stability. The combination of voluminous sail area, stability and light construction gives the boat tremendous power and acceleration. Moreover, the yacht sports the latest high-tech electronics and communications equipment, allowing the skipper to not only sail competitively, but also to stay in touch with sponsors and the media from anywhere on earth.

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