Race Commentary Archive: Transat 2004

Almost Home
June 16, 2004
The wind gods have a sense of humor and they do like to play tricks...

Less Than a Halifax Race To Go
June 15, 2004
There was a decidedly different mood aboard Wells Fargo...

Less Than a Bermuda Race To Go
June 14, 2004
It may be the start of a new week for those of us on land, but for Joe Harris aboard Wells Fargo...

Still No Wind
June 13, 2004
It's been a grim weekend for Joe aboard Wells Fargo - American Pioneer as he sails slowly toward Boston...

A Bad Day at the Office
June 11, 2004
Nine hundred miles due east of Boston is a patch of very calm ocean...

Sleep Glorious Sleep
June 10, 2004
This morning while the most of the rest of the world was commuting to work, Joe Harris was crossing another milestone in his quest to race solo across the Atlantic...

Head-To-Head Into the Fog
June 9, 2004
At daybreak this morning a small triangular shape appeared on the horizon which Joe later identified as the sails of his arch rival Kip Stone on Artforms...

Joes Take the Lead
June 8, 2004
"We've been sailing the hairy edge for over a day now," Joe said in a satellite call early this morning...

Roaring Toward Boston
June 7, 2004
It's a wild ride out in the Atlantic as Joe Harris aboard Wells Fargo - American Pioneer hurtles downwind at full speed...

A Cat and Mouse Game
June 6, 2004
It's a game of cat and mouse as Joe Harris aboard Wells Fargo - American Pioneer and Kip Stone on Artforms deal with the vagaries of the wind in the middle of the Atlantic...

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