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The Jamestown Press had a number of questions for Joe in week one of his trip. See those questions & answers here:

Mrs. Pare's Social Science class at the Landmark School:

> Charlie: Why are you trying to set the record?
I began 30 years ago just wanting to sail around the world- as an adventure. When I was 25, I bought an old wooden boat that I was going to sail around the world- but I couldn't get it to stop leaking!

As I got more into racing sailboats, I began to think it would be cool to race around the world. I came very close in 2006 and 2011 to racing around the world, but unfortunately those races no longer exist, so I decided to make a solo record attempt, which is pretty similar to a race- just against time rather than other sailors.

> How long did you practice sailing before the trip?

I have been sailing my whole life and worked as a commercial fisherman in Alaska fishing for salmon for 8 summers, so have spent a lot of time on the ocean. I bought my current boat in 2011 and have sailed many offshore miles in it as practice for this voyage.

> Have you been out to sea this long before?

The longest I have been at sea before was 21 days- so I am now on Day 34- and each day is a new record!

> Matthew: Is it hard to sleep?

It is not hard to sleep when you are really tired! I take a lot of naps- instead of just having one long sleep at night.

> Kara: When you get to the equator, will you socialize with Henrik?

Henrik and I were not at the equator at the same time so we did not get to socialize.

> Has it been hard to adjust to your new environment? Is it hard to eat?

It has been tough adjusting to a new environment even though I have spent a lot of time on the boat. Being alone is different and having no toilet, no running water, no heating or cooling makes it just like camping out!

> Veronica: Do you eat fish?

At home- I eat a ton of fish. Out here I do not- because I have no way to cook it.

> Do you call your family?

Yes- I call home about every other day

> You are in trouble, can you call your family for help?

I can call them for moral support- but they are too far away to actually help.

> Asa: Do you think you are going to break the record?


> Colin: On a scale of 1-10, how tiring is the trip?


> How long do you think it will take to sail around the world?

124 days

> Ava: What if a whale comes underneath your boat

Well.... I hope he is a friendly whale and he doesn't bump into me too hard.

> How many miles per hour do you go?

On average, I usually go around 8.5 miles per hour

> Mrs. Pare: Will you come visit our class at Landmark when you come home?


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