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Sponsorship of the Gryphon Solo campaign can benefit many constituencies within your company, including employees, shareholders and clients. Media coverage, skipper interviews, and satellite communications while underway afford constant branding opportunities and exposure. All of which provides a return on investment that exceeds any advertising campaign, for significantly fewer dollars.

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BRAND AWARENESS - Over the next three years, Gryphon Solo will compete in a series of premier international offshore races, all of which will receive extensive media coverage and high public interest. By sponsoring Gryphon Solo, your company will gain unique exposure through what is essentially a massive global billboard, reaching millions of people worldwide.

CORPORATE ENTERTAINMENT - With wide, spacious decks and a "thrill-ride" that's second to none, Gryphon Solo is the ideal platform for entertaining clients or hosting company VIPs. A day aboard is sure to leave a lasting impression.

EMPLOYEE INSPIRATION - With its unique focus on self-reliance, determination and resilience, solo sailing is a natural fit for employee motivational programs and initiatives - proving that creativity and determination can make anything possible.

CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING - Members of the Gryphon Solo team can be available for motivational seminars or as keynote speakers at corporate functions. Employees are also invited to join the boat for informal racing sessions.

We look forward to working with you to evaluate and quantify the value of this unique sponsorship opportunity for your company.

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