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Gryphon Solo Sails with Five for Bermuda Race
June 15, 2006

Boston, MA - June 15, 2006 - Solo sailor Joe Harris will race Gryphon Solo in the Bermuda Race Centennial starting Friday, June 16, in Newport, Rhode Island, but he won't be alone this time. Race rules require canting keel boats to race in the "Demonstration" Division and the minimum crew is four.

In this 45th 'thrash to the Onion Patch', Harris, from Hamilton Massachutsetts, will be joined by Jamie Haines of Jamestown RI, world class bow man and an expert rigger New Zealander Hugh Piggin, Brian Harris who went twice around the world as 'preparateur' for Gartmore and then Pindar, and Sail Magazine editor Kimball Livingston

Gryphon Solo emerged from the shop three weeks ago and is tugging at her dock lines in anticipation of the upcoming Newport-Bermuda Race. The first class start of this race is scheduled for 1:00PM on Friday in Newport and over 270 boats are signed up to participate in the 100th anniversary of this sailing classic.

Team Gryphon Solo has had a busy spring season getting the boat back in the water and into top sailing condition. Upon completion of the Transat Jacques Vabre race in December of last year, Harris sailed the boat back from Salvadore, Brazil. Hugh "Junior" Piggin, the team's ace kiwi, jack-of-all-trades took Gryphon Solo completely apart for a major re-fit after she sailed a 15,000-mile circumnavigation of the Atlantic. She is now in great shape and ready for a full summer of sailing.

Harris will be sending daily email reports from the boat while offshore as he has during previous races. You can also go to the Gryphon Solo web site @ and go to the link for "I-boat track" to view fleet positions every 8 hours. Everyone can tune in from home.

Everyone at Team GS is ready to sail fast and bring our message to potential sponsors, as we are seeking sponsorship investment for the around-the-world Global Ocean Challenge race in 2007/8.

"Come on down to Newport and watch the Centennial race start from the sunny hillside in front of the Castle Hill Inn at the mouth of the harbor", Harris said. "What better way to spend a Friday afternoon in June!

"We look forward to a great sailing season and a great Bermuda Race. The boat will be in Boston Harbor for most of July and available for corporate entertainment. Anyone wishing to come out for a sail should email me at"

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