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"Gryphon Solo" Returns to Her Birth Place
October 25, 2005

"Gryphon Solo" Returns to Her Birth Place

BOSTON, MA - Oct 25, 2005 - Joe Harris' Open 50 "Gryphon Solo" is currently being prepared for the upcoming Transat Jacques Vabre, the two-handed race from France to Brazil, at the JMV Industries yard in Cherbourg, France.

A yard that specializes in the construction of carbon fibre racing yachts, JMV Industries in fact built "Gryphon Solo" in 1998 and are working on final preparations of the yacht alongside Joe's own shore-team.

"We are very pleased to see one of our babies again!" said Jean Marie Vaur, md of JMV Industries. "This boat remains one of fastest Open 50's in the world and perhaps is even a threat to some of the 60's! All of us here at JMV wish Joe and Josh a successful Transat Jacques Vabre."

Thorough structural checks have been made of the hull, mast, rigging and appendages and after more than 100,000 miles of tough ocean racing since her baptism, all has been found to be in good order.

On arrival in Cherbourg two weeks ago, "Gryphon Solo" was craned into the yard with her mast down in order to carry out the required work in a dry, controlled environment away from the famous Normandy weather! The worklist has included work on the rudders and keel foil, an upgrading of the winch systems and the installation of a new instrument and autopilot system from B&G in the UK which will give Joe the best possible data while he is racing.

The yacht will be re-launched in the next few days and undergo some testing of the new systems before heading to Le Havre on Friday, October 28th.

"We have very much appreciated the assistance of JMV Industries and its been great to see where she was created, but I think the boat, the team and myself are now ready to go sailing again!" commented Joe Harris.

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