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GS2: South Pacific Update
November 9, 2022

Greetings Sports Fans-

Team GS2 are approaching the turning mark at the island of Bora Bora, before hanging a right over to Tahiti and the finish line of this leg.

Can we just pause for a moment and admire the name "Bora Bora"? I mean really, was there a WW2 movie by that name or am I hallucinating that? We can't do "The Google" out here so maybe somebody can tell me the origin of "Bora Bora?"

Meanwhile… there is an absolutely full moon tonight and I am awed by its clarity, juxtaposed against some amazingly clear white clouds... rather breathtaking.

When I go on deck I am mesmerized... this is the South Pacific, with very deep clear blue water and very clear skies... maybe because there are not that many people here?

Time for some appreciation. Time to let go of some anxiety about the boat and how the race is going and just appreciate the surroundings. Ohmmmmmmm….

This leg has been relatively easy from a sailing perspective in that we have been going upwind and not had to make many sail changes. But we did get the Code Zero up today and made some good miles close reaching in 10-14k of wind from 90' to 120' TWA. Now back in full main and solent jib, blasting along at 9-10k boatspeed, listening to the high-pitched whine of our hydro-generator propeller making lots of electricity to keep the lights on and boat systems powered.

The sun is strong here too and we made it through the day powered by our solar panels alone, which is rare. Joey ain't good on the sunscreen.

So this leg will be less then two weeks long and we will likely finish ahead of schedule, on the one leg that none of my family are coming- WTF?

The two previous legs we were late by 4 days. deep irony. Oy vey with a schmear... and yet we soldier on, like serial bungee jumpers (context- multiple bungee jumpers in Auckland jumping off the bridge just before our start).

So my friends I wish you good cheer and hope you are coping with your lives less neurotically (anxiety, fear) than I am coping with mine.

However, we may be in a more clear and present physical danger than some, so perhaps a heightened level of pure animal knot-in-my-stomach, "fight or flight" anxiety is appropriate and necessary to deal with the situation. It's not really within my control...

I continue to seek a place of peace and harmony with this amazing South Pacific universe that I currently inhabit, but I am not quite there yet... but soon come... probably on a beach with an umbrella drink when the boat stops moving.

Time for some peanut butter on a cracker.

All Best,
Giuseppe and Ruggerio on GS2 11/8/22 approaching Bora Bora

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