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GS2: Two Days into Leg 4 of the Globe40
October 31, 2022

Hello Friends-

We are underway again on Leg 4 of the Globe40 ( from Auckland, NZ to Papeete, Tahiti. The days leading up to the start were typically hectic but we had a great sea trial on Friday to test all our repairs and two new sails with marine electrician David Minors and rigger Andrew (Tiny) Duff. Tiny did a masterful job refurbishing our 6 Harken winches and then went on to re-build a number of damaged turning blocks and Spinlock clutches. Thank you Tiny! When we returned from the sea trial my wife Kim and sister Wendie had returned from the grocery store and ships chandler with a long list of food and supplies and set about re-organizing the boats small interior to "fit 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag" as they say. Thank you Kim and Wendie!

On Saturday we got to the boat early to clear NZ Customs and cast off the dock at 10:30 for a Noon star just off the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadrons clubhouse. GS2 had a "glamour" start according to shoreside sources as we took the gun and roared out the main channel on a tight reach that quickly turned into a beat in squally conditions. GS2 took a left out "Rangi Channell" while the rest of the fleet kept going and the wind and seas quickly built till we were in one reef in the main and the staysail (J2) in 25k of breeze and nasty sea state. When we came back together with the fleet a few hours later we were roughly even, and proceeded to sail past the last few volcanic, lush green, deserted islands that pepper outer Auckland harbor before reaching the open South Pacific.

So we are now 2 days into it and I have not been feeling great nor sleeping well as we pound along. My stomach has been upset- diarrhea- (sorry if that is TMI) but its relevant since we crap in the bucket and when you have to do that 10 times in a day it is problematic, to say the least! I have also been sleeping only in fits and starts with crazy vivid dreams of near reality but not quite. Must be nerves/ anxiety, as both symptoms are moderating and abating as we settle in to our shipboard watch routine after two days at sea.

So.... only about 2,000+ miles to Bora Bora which we round to starboard for some unknown reason and then on to Tahiti, so likely about two weeks. We crossed the International Date Line and I believe get to relive October 31 like Ground Hog Day, but I'm a little fuzzy on the details. So I am offering a free GS2 "Get on the GS2 Kharma Bus" t-shirt to the person who provides the most accurate and succinct description of the international time system and the international date line by responding to this email. We will choose a winner and send on a t-shirt, but everyone should check out the selection of GS2 clothing available from Team One Newport as Christmas is right around the corner.

Best to all-
Joe + Roger on GS2 in the South Pacific

My old pal David Minors, a marine electronics specialist who did the original work on GS2 in France in. 2011. A great reunion!

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