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GS2 Newport Gathering
October 14, 2015

GS2 Newport Gathering
Oct 14, 2015

Hello Friends-

First-  welcome to any new people to the email list that may have joined up after following the circumnavigation adventures of Dave Rearick aboard Bodacious Dream.  Thank you to Dave for a very nice intro and I look forward to having some members of the Bo Dream flock start to follow GryphonSolo2. As always, if you would like to allow a friend to join the GS2 email blog distribution list, or you would like to unsubscribe, just go to our web site and click on the icon in upper left part of the screen (or follow this link: ). Thx.

I am writing today with an update on the plans for an “Open House” to check out the good ship GryphonSolo2 prior to my upcoming solo circumnavigation record attempt.  The gathering will take place at Newport Shipyard on Saturday November 7th between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM. From 1:00 to 3:00, folks are invited to come aboard the boat for a tour, and we will have a few demonstrations going on of the sails going in and out and up and down, the electronics and communications and possibly Skipper Joe going up the mast solo…  which should be interesting (picture a large earthworm progressing slowly and awkwardly vertical).  Fellow Class 40 sailors are welcome to jump aboard to help demonstrate how these machines work! 

There will be food and beverages available for purchase at Belle’s Café at the Shipyard ( either inside or outside dining and we will provide some beer, soda etc. as well as something warm like chowder or cider or both.   Hopefully the weather will cooperate. 

At 3:00, there will be a presentation from Ken Campbell of Commanders Weather on the around-the-world route I will be sailing, with a preview of the expected wind, weather and sea state conditions along the way.   Ken’s talk will be followed by a presentation from Merf Owen, a principal at Owen-Clark Yacht Designers, on the evolution in design of the Class 40, of which more than 130 boats have been built to the box rule, and where GryphonSolo2 fits into the spectrum.  I will then conclude with a few observations about the upcoming record attempt and take any questions people might have.  We should be wrapped up about 4:00 PM. 

After that, I have made arrangements with the Clark Cook House restaurant ( ) to host a group of wayward sailors-  number to be determined-  so if you think you might like to walk over from the Shipyard to the Cook House in the center of Newport, for an early dinner starting around 6:00’ish, please let me know so I can get a headcount.  Dutch treat here and decent attire suggested.

So that’s the scoop for now-  please email me with any questions and/or if you plan to come - More progress reports will be forthcoming soon on the daily preparations for the targeted Nov. 10’ish departure date depending upon a favorable wind and weather pattern. 

27 days……  Oy Vey ….. 


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