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Halifax Race Finish
July 8, 2015

Halifax Race Finish
July 8, 2015

Hello Sports Fans-

I guess the 2015 Marblehead to Halifax Race was not meant to be for Team GS2, as we managed to find many blank spots in the wind and finished well out of the money. 

Linda sucks...  losing always sucks... but what are you gonna do? Life goes on - hopefully we learned something after 10,000 sail changes and trying to keep the boat going in 6 knots or less, where GS2 does not shine. The bigger picture is obviously the around-the-world solo record attempt in the fall, so everything is oriented towards getting myself and the boat fully prepared for that  Having Dave Rearick on board who has recently returned from his around-the-world voyage has been very helpful... except that my work list only grows longer! Everything seems essential to safety and survival and success.

So our game plan is to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get right back on the horse - delivering the boat from Halifax NS to Portland, Maine - departing tonight at about 6:00 PM. 

We estimate the trip to take about 55 hours - hopefully less - so that Dave can get on a plane to get back to Chicago and do the Chicago-to-Mackinaw Race and I can coach my son Emmett in his lacrosse tournament at Harvard on Saturday.   

Life does indeed go on- 



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